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MOOSOO TC1 Cordless Vacuum 4-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Large LED Display Screen

MOOSOO TC1 Cordless Vacuum 4-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Large LED Display Screen

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High-Efficiency Dust Separation System is the biggest feature of TC1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.
TC1 adopts the latest developed dust removal technology . plus five layers of efficient filtration . and the dust removal efficiency is more than 99.99% . bringing fresh air and maintaining suction for a long time . giving you a more comfortable and convenient cleaning experience.

At the same time . it can better prevent dust from entering the motor . prolongs the effective use time of the vacuum cleaner . extends the service life of the HEPA . and reduces the trouble of replacing the HEPA. High-efficiency dust separation allows you to get the best performance by simply cleaning the stainless steel filter below instead of cleaning the HEPA frequently

The large LED display allows you to easily view the status of the stick vacuum cleaner . such as the percentage of battery power and the current suction mode . and always master the use status of TC1. When the air outlet is blocked or the floor brush is stuck . there will be a prominent red sign to remind you.

TC1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner is attached with a special pet hair brush to help families with pets easily take care of pet hair. The electric floor brush can flexibly rotate around 180 ° and up and down 90 °. Three LED lights help the cordless vacuum cleaner illuminate each dark area and track dust and dirt . unique roller design can reduce hair winding.

The detachable battery can be charged singly or on the wall mount with its main body. In MAX mode . it provides 25K Pa of strong suction. It can easily pick up dust . pet hair . cat litter . grain and other particles. Excellent cleaning performance for up to 40 minutes in the lowest mode.

Easy to use - one button can start the vacuum . and one button can empty the 0.8L dust cup. TC1 cordless vacuum has a variety of accessories . including sofa brush and long-gap tool . which can be easily converted into portable handheld vacuum cleaner to meet all your daily cleaning needs . and provide you with multi-functional and lightweight cleaning experience.

1. Please use the original adapter to charge the battery cordless powerful vacuum
2.When the battery component is charged separately and fully charged . the indicator will be on for 5 minutes and then off
3.The key to maximum performance is having clean filters.
4. Please don't use the cordless floor cleaner to suction anywhere with water.

You will receive
1 x TC1 Main Motor
1 x Retractable Metal Tube
1 x LED Motorized Floor Brush
1 x 2 In 1 Crevice Brush
1 x Electric Sofa Brush
1 x Pet Grooming Brush
1 x Retractable Hose
1 x Wall Mount
1 x Adapter
1 x Additional HEPA
1 x Instruction manual


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